Here are few ways to join Steam Sky community:


Steam Sky use one global chat room to communicate. This room can be accessed in few ways. Try to imagine normal room with many doors. Select one of the "doors" from list below.

Discord channel

Discord text channel is probably most preferred by players. Just accept this invitation:

Join Discord Steam Sky channel

Matrix room

Matrix is a communicator similar to Discord or Slack. Main the game chat room is Steam Sky at You may connect to it directly from your browser here:

Join Steam Sky chat room


You can participate in discussions in this rooms via email too. To do this, try to contact with me (or anyone who joined the Matrix room) and please write which email address will you want to subscribe to the room. You can unsubscribe from the chat any time by clicking on link in mail. More informations how to invite someone by email to the Matrix room, you can find here.

Note: this email address will be visible to everyone on the Matrix room members list.